Cold Heating Faucet Tankless Instantaneous Water Heater


1.Kitchen, toilet, etc ...All Can Use, Convenient, Simple, Easy To Install 

1.Power unified are the 2000-watt. Temperature at about 30 degrees to 40 degrees in winter; Temperature at about 30 degrees to 60 degrees in summer. 
2.ABS engineering plastics, high temperature resistant, soft and strong, not easy to burst, high shape stability, strong anti-stamping, UV radiation, so that the product is not easy to aging, security is more durable and lasting 

Product Name: Heating water faucet 
The main material: H59A level environmental refined 
copper + ABS engineering plastics 
The inlet way: under the influent 
Surface treatment: multiple plating 
Spool: Diamond level Ceramic spool 
Heating tube: high-purity copper liner heating element 
Rated voltage:220V/50HZ 
Rated Power: 2000W 
Working pressure :0.04-0 .5 MPA 
Waterproof grade: 1PX4 
Diameter: General diameter 
Cord Length: about 1.5 m 
Plug type: designed.the GN - 901

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