Household product aluminium wall mounted mop and broom garden cleaning tool holder organizer for garage

Product Description

Selling Points:
*All the components are replaceable
*Goes with grips and hooks, more flexiable for holding different tools
*DIY mix & match of components
* Free combination
* Free choice of installation between glue on and screw on

-Hold Min.18.0mm, Max.30.0mm diameter pole-shaped tools with weight from 0.2KG to 2.5KG.
-With aluminum rail and both end hook stopper
-Brackets and hooks sliding free within the rail
-Inserted in the front with easy and quick access.
-Handles are held firmly and keep in place by silicone grips. (H2.7cm)
-Hooks for hanging up small tools
-Material: ABS+Silicone+aluminum

Product  size( L x W x H ): 

50 x 5.5 x 4.5 cm ( grip closed )

50 x 7 x 4.5 cm ( grip open )

Uasage: organize mop, rag, pole, extention pole, keep mess away and save space; general cleaning

Application:commercial use, houshold use,industrial use such as airport, metro, hospital, hotel, school,plant,supermarket,residence,office,goverment office.

Detailed Images

Push to hold tools and pull to release

Our polder holder is easy to use. For variety of poles which diameter is between φ18mm-30mm.

Holds strongly and removes cleanly

Each gripper can hold up to 2.5kg. Tools won't slide off from the grippers.

Waterproof and rust preventing

Our pole holder is make of aluminum rail that passed ROHS test, grippers are used in high quality rubber and bracket are in ABS material.

Each grippers are movable.

Grippers and hooks are sliding free on rail, you can change their position according to your need.

OEM is availabe for aluminum rail length.

*We could provide different sizes according to your requirement.

OEM is available for number of grippers and hooks.

*All the components are detachable, you can DIY your favorite pole holder.

PS: Please note glue-on installation is limited for smooth surface walls only.

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