Sesame Space Saving Shoe Organizer Close To The Door Easy To Assemble Plastic Shoes Storage Shelf

Product Description
Product size(cm)
2Layers: 24*26*17.5,3Layers: 24*26*33.5
4Layers: 24*26*49.5,5Layers: 24*26*65.5
6Layers: 24*26*81.5,7Layers: 24*26*97.5
8Layers: 24*26*113.5,9Layers:24*26*129.5
Product color
Orange, Blue, Green
Packaging and weight(cm)
2Layers: 25.5*5.5*27,  3Layers: 25.5*7.5*27
4Layers: 25.5*9.5*27,  5Layers: 25.5*12*27
6Layers: 25.5*13.5*27,7Layers: 25.5*16.5*27
8Layers: 25.5*18.27,    9Layers: 25.5*20*27
Patent certificate
Our honor

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